Cartridge refill franchise

Cartridge refill franchise




Because we want each cartridge refill franchise to succeed, training is an important and ongoing part of CartridgeWale focus. Each of our cartridge franchise owners receives training on site at our facility, and also within their territory. We don’t just teach you how to use our proprietary Ink300 equipment, we teach you how to manage your business and sell the product.

Technical training happens at our facility, where you’ll learn how the refilling and remanufacturing process works and become comfortable with the mechanics of your business. You’ll meet the support team – who are always available to help with a problem or question – and learn about CartridgeWale  administrative process. When you leave, you’ll have a firm understanding of how to run your cartridge refill franchise and will have the tools to succeed.

But our training doesn’t stop there. We work with you in your territory to help you identify sales targets and promote your business. This intensive, one-on-one training sets CartridgeWale apart from others in the industry, and helps to ensure that your cartridge franchise is a success from day one.

And we don’t stop at this even when you are up and running. CartridgeWale’s technical support is always just a phone call or click away. Additionally, we continuously provide updates through training and ongoing support to make sure your cartridge refill franchise succeeds. While other refill chains wonder how to fix new cartridges we have the solutions delivered to you already thanks to our Exclusive Global Tie Ups!

CartridgeWale has developed the perfect cartridge refill franchise solution. We have been able to create the right business model to ensure your success in your new cartridge franchise.

We are dedicated to helping our customers save money without compromising on quality, to helping preserve the environment through reuse of resources and to helping our franchises thrive. Our goal is simple – we want to provide the best quality experience for customers and cartridge refill franchise owners.

There is almost no place in the world that does not have at least one printer or fax machine at work. From schools & colleges to home offices and at busy corporations, printed materials are a necessity. We at CartridgeWale call Printer Cartidges as “Corporate Grocery” – No one can do without it. Its like salt in your food! According to Lyra Research, over 1 billion ink and toner cartridges are shipped annually, for sales of almost $60 billion. Its interesting to note that 1 in 3 Cartridge worldwide is being recycled to be used at over 3 million establishments worldwide. Recycling cartridges not only helps organizations cut printing cots but also could keep over 120 million tons of waste out of landfills each year.

More than that, it could save end user up to 75% off the cost of buying new cartridges. As per a Gartner survey Printing costs are about 3% of the turnover of an organization. Just imagine recycling cartridges could help add companies add upto 1.5% of their toline straight to Net Profits!

What are you waiting for? Join the CartridgeWale family today with your very own cartridge refill franchise and start being part of a growth industry that’s doing well by doing good for business and the environment. CartridgeWale’s low entry costs, outstanding  technical & marketing training programs, sales & business plan assistance and protected territories provide the ideal opportunity to act smart and run what everyone dreams of – yes own business!

CartridgeWale is dedicated to growing by providing each of our cartridge franchise owners with a protected sales area. We won’t put three stores in one town; we’ll put one store to serve a discrete area. That way, we ensure that our cartridge franchise owners and our company enjoy maximum profit potential.

Our custom cartridge refill franchise model considers site selection and the demographics of your territory and provides you with an advertising plan; website support and most importantly, the training, support and refilling & remanufacturing supplies necessary for success. Through our extensive pre-opening training you will learn everything you will need to run a successful CartridgeWale cartridge refilling business. We’ll train you in every aspect of the operation of your franchise business as well as provide you with a comprehensive Business Manual and computer software.

Our training program includes technical training, purchasing and stock control and P&L management plus sales and marketing support. And yes, ongoing support and technical advice are always just a phone call away. As a CartridgeWale franchisee, We’ll be there always to keep you growing strong.

CartridgeWale wants to make cartridge recycling easy and profitable for our customers and our franchise owners. The market for refilled cartridges is growing every year, and there is no better time than now to be part of it. We help our stores succeed with comprehensive training, sales support and earmarked territories. CartridgeWale is dedicated to providing customers with quality remanufactured ink and toner cartridges…as we say International Quality – Now in India.

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